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SAP Process Integration (PI)

SAP Process Integration is a middleware to allow seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP application in a company or with systems outside the company.

Apart from Legacy Systems, in a large business establishment, SAP ERP does not consist of a single system but several integrated systems i.e. CRM, SRM and FICO etc. To handle with such complexities SAP introduced Process Integration a platform to provide a single point of integration for all systems without touching existing complex network of legacy systems. This is a powerful middleware by SAP to provide seamless end to end integration between SAP and non-SAP applications inside and outside the corporate boundary. SAP PI supports B2B as well as A2A exchanges, supports synchronous and asynchronous message exchange and includes built in engine for designing and executing Integration Processes.

SAP PI is divided into several areas

  • Integration Server
  • Integration Builder
  • System Landscape
  • Configuration and Monitoring

SAP PI – UI Tools

You can use different SAP PI user interface tools to access different components of SAP PI system architecture. The most common UI tools are:

ES Builder   This tool provides Java user interface for working in Enterprise Service Repository ESR.

SAP NW Developer Studio This is Java Eclipse-based tool to view and edit some object types in Enterprise Service Repository.

Integration Builder This tool provides Java-based user interface to work in the Integration Directory.

SAP Process Orchestration (PO)

Process Orchestration has been developed by SAP to provide organizations the ability to manage and optimize entire business processes across one or more enterprises. The primary purpose of the application is to cater to the Integration needs of businesses for more than one application.

Key orchestration areas and their features are provided are:

  • Single sign – on and identity management
  • Users can access all applications after a single logon.
    Identities are provisioned throughout a heterogeneous software landscape.

  • Integration of applications and business partners
  • Processes are continued reliably in other applications.
    Necessary data is transferred between applications.

  • Master Data Management
  • Master data that was created in various applications can be cleansed and consolidated.
    Excellent-quality master data can be created and distributed to ensure consistency across applications.

  • Business Process Management
  • Business process execution can be analyzed, forecast, and optimized.
    Human collaboration in the context of business processes can be supported.

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