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SAP Real Estate Management

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management

Portfolio Management

  • Real Estate Analytics
  • Master Data Management
  • Partner Management

Commercial Real Estate Management

  • Real Estate Search
  • Lease Management

Facilities Management

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Service Management

Support Processes

  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Integration to Industry Solutions


Benefits of SAP RE-FX

  • Capture entire property portfolio in one system
  • Avail real time information about property status and space utilization
  • Manage all contracts in one portfolio
  • Hierarchal representation of property portfolio
  • Perform period end closing with automatic posting of financial entries.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 16)

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) brings along with it a change in how an organization should account for leases, i.e. by reporting them in company balance sheets.

These changes are much more than just accounting changes, the implications are deep within and widespread throughout the process of buying and leasing including financial reporting. Organizations are now adopting new methodologies, tools to systemize and control the changes.

The usual and customary data maintenance for lease accounting in spread sheet may no longer help the organizations as it does not:

  • Collaborative flow of information between the lease administrator, lease accountant and fixed asset account.
  • Provide accurate control to assure accurate calculations
  • Automate the complicated financial postings complying with new standards

With the inclusion of lease accounting in company balance sheets, there might be an increase in inaccurate statutory reporting and even risk of regulatory noncompliance.

The SAP Real Estate Management product is used to optimize the portfolio of global asset management and also support the regulatory compliance of these new accounting standards. SAP RE-FX provides with a single point of entry for all the lease related data collection, validation, accounting calculations and even financial postings.

Process Solution:

  • Provide separate authorization of work to clear separation of duties.
  • Capture Contract terms and conditions, manage critical dates, exercising renewal options, early terminations, rent escalations, common area maintenance; sales        based rent and service charge settlement.
  • Store and attach all lease documents, notes and generated correspondence in system.
  • Automatic period posting, generate lease payments based on current lease agreements and real-time integration into Sap financials.
  • Evaluate the financial impact of all leases; generate valuation postings to assess the right use of asset and corresponding liability.
  • Run account simulations and postings to evaluate the impact of accounting standards on individual lease or the whole leasing portfolio.


With the help of SAP Real Estate Management:

  • Increased visibility to quickly evaluate the impact of leasing upon your balance sheets
  • With both SAP financials and SAP RE-FX get a complete solution for lease management
  • Extract exact and accurate information about existing leasing contract terms and conditions for efficient lease compliance, contract end dates and payables.
  • Efficient control and reduced business risks.

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